The Loving Cup House

Welcome to the website dedicated to a restaurant in Jacksonville, FL. This is our way how we greet all our guests and introduce them to our lovely and cosy restaurant.


What People are Saying


My wife told me about the restaurant her friend from work recommended for us. To be honest, one of the best restaurants I’ve been to.


I’m a great fan of restaurants as I travel a lot. This one right here is a real piece of work and a warm suggestion.


I’m not that much into restaurants but I know enough to be able to tell if it’s good or bad. This restaurant is simply excellent.


Good staff, nice food, affordable prices, a fine atmosphere and a really great selection of drinks. I will be coming here again without any doubt.


My girlfriend and I are travelers so naturally, we are always looking for good restaurants. I must admit that this restaurant was a pleasant surprise.


I’ve been looking for a restaurant to propose to my fiance and a friend suggested this one. An excellent choice for all who love restaurants.

Who Are We?

We’re people who just love food, drinks, a good atmosphere and making people satisfied and happy. Our restaurant is a place where people can relax and enjoy their meals and drinks while having good times with their loved ones, families and friends. Our restaurant exists to make our guests pleased.

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Our Services



Our restaurant is always opened for our guests and we prepare special menus every day to keep things fresh and interesting. Each day there is something new for our guests so prepare yourself for a real feast for your senses.


In case that you are planning any celebrations like birthdays, any sort of promotions, prom nights and such, our doors are opened to you. We offer to organize everything for you and take care of the food and the drinks.



When it comes to food, our restaurant can prepare the food by your order as we do full catering services for various occasions. Name the time and the place as well as what food you want and we’ll prepare it.

Why us?

You should pick us simply because we tend to the needs of our guests. We like to treat each guest with absolute respect and hospitality in order to create an extraordinary experience. Your satisfaction means the whole world to us.


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