Things to do in Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville, Fl is a home to much more than just restaurants. Of course, we would always say that there’s no place like Jacksonville but there’s a lot to do and see in Jacksonville and we would like to point some things out that we think would go nicely before you all come to our restaurant for a nice lunch or a dinner. If you are a resident here and you have some friends coming to town, here are some recommendations and suggestions on what to do here.

Depending on what are your actual needs, a great time on the beach or maybe a romantic walk by the river, unique sightseeing or a visit to the museum, let us tell you right away you are in the right place because Jacksonville is one of the best destinations for both families and couples.post2a If you are into a romantic stroll with your loved one, you can visit the famous Friendship Fountain or the manicured gardens for a full experience.

Southbank Riverwalk

The downtown of Jacksonville is extremely beautiful in the afternoon and in summer. The view on the St. Johns River and South banks is stunning and all those skyscrapers have that relaxing, urban vice that makes a nice ambience. Also, there are a lot of shops and restaurants on the river banks so visiting the entire Southbank would be most recommended. There is a lot of places for sitting and resting and hikers tend to love this place a  lot.

The Museum of Science and History

Those who are into museums will not be disappointed either as MOSH is one of the most recognized museums in the country. The Museum of Science and History is specialized in temporary and permanent exhibits that are showcasing a huge variety of events related to local history and science. post2bWhen we are speaking of the main attractions here, we can’t but mention this museum where you can get a chance to see life-sized dinosaurs or the Bryan-Gooding Planetarium, the largest ones in the US.

EcoMotion Tours

Now, this is the thing that we recommend the most. This goes especially to those who are in love with walking and hiking. Near or better yet in between Jacksonville and Amelia Island is the Kingsley Plantation. Spectacular view of the ocean, lush forests, fantastic sand dunes, island seascapes, oyster reefs and marshes, the true wonders of nature.